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EmbroideryWhy go somewhere else when you have “Embroidery For Less”? We have all kinds of products for you’re embroideries need.

Fancy and perfect embroidery patterns and stitches……Now that’s embroidery!

For our embroidery, we use the best quality of materials and threads in a huge variety of colors.

We have the best embroidery machines and the top it all, we use an artist to digitize your logo.

BoyWomanAt “Embroidery For Less”, we give you flawless designs for your professional look.

We go above and beyond to give character to each embroidery design, while respecting the embroidery artwork.

With most of embroidery orders we offer a standard turn around time of 1 to 2 business days. We know how important it is to get your embroidery work done on time.

For the best quality control, all our embroidery is done in house.


ShirtShirtCoupleWhy buy our embroidery? … Because you get 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed. Nothing less!

At “Embroidery For Less”, we are fast, dependable, less expensive than the competition and still giving you top quality embroidery.



ManScrubsDue to our embroidery concept, no minimum order is required.

At the Embroidery For Less factory, no job is too big or to small.

We are simply the best for less than the rest!



Davie, Florida, USA


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All Logos are Digitized by an in House Artist
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